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Shoe Sizing 101


Determining Foot Shape

Feet come in all shapes and sizes, as do shoes.  One shoe will fit one person perfectly while it won't work at all for another.  Feet are multi-dimensional.  Now that you have measured your feet, it is time to take a good look at the other characteristics of your feet.

Toe Alignment

People’s toes are aligned differently. Some have sharply angled feet, as in A and B in the chart below. Others have a more cascading form, as in C and D. Others have a more squared off form, as in E. Some people’s longest toe is not your big toe, as in A and D. And then there are multiple variations on these. Take a good look at your feet and note which characteristics they possess and the corresponding letter. These characteristics will matter in adapting the measurement of your foot to the measurement of different shapes of shoes.

5 Foot Types Clean copy

Foot Width & Thickness

Feet can run from very narrow to very wide.  For narrow feet, you will do best with peep toe models or closed toe shoes.  This is especially true if you also have thin feet.  For people with wide feet, choose band sandals or try some of our wide width shoes.  It is important to notice where your feet are wide.  Are they wide with squared-off toes?  Are they wide pretty much horizontal?  Are they wide on an angle?  Also be sure to note if they are wide because of or in addition to bunions.  Then you can look at the aerial view of the shoe to determine adjustments.