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Delia Low

Delia Low
Brand: Divina
Product Code: Delia Low
Availability: In Stock
Price: $185.00

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Straight from the Golden Age of Tango!!  Arch Support and/or Metatarsal Support with a 2.5" Heel in Soft Suede/Leather Combo!  Pamper Yourself - You Deserve It!

Delia comes with customizable arch supports.  You will receive two sets of arch supports and arch supplements.  One set of supports with arch only and the other with arch and metatarsal support.  Choose which one you prefer and return the other in the provided postage paid envelope.  If you decide you want the shoes only, return both pair of inserts and we will refund you $40.

We have one pair of Delia with installed arch support & metatarsal lift.  This pair is $5.00 less.

Women's Shoes
Model Delia Low
Material 1st Suede
Material 2nd Leather
Heel Height 2.5
Toe Box Style V-Cut
Heel Cage Style Enclosed Cut-out
Primary Color Black
Secondary Color Silver
Strap Style Single Ankle Strap
Heel Style Tango Heel
Sole Full Leather Sole

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