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Cute Shoes... and Comfortable!

"How many glamorous pairs of shoes end the night in their owner's hands instead of on her feet because, exhausted and in pain, she prefers to forego elegance rather than stand one more second of pain? And yet there is no reason for discomfort to be a condition of being elegant and sensual: when it comes to making their products, some designers have comfort in mind just as much as glamour."

gretaflorasmallSuch is the case of Florencia Méndez Christie and Greta Santolalla, owners of GRETAFLORA, Before taking up this profession, Greta, trained in set design, advised leading clothing and shoe brands on product image and exposure. Flora, a textile designer, created the collections of a well-known local shoe brand. This background in art and design would later show in each one of their creations.


Tired of typical, boring, and aesthetically backward shoe designs, they decided to venture into the dance shoe market, and so created GRETAFLORA. They felt there was a need to refresh the style of the traditional tango shoe, and this was the focus of their enterprise. An ultra-feminine and elegant design (typical of the 1940s), genuine materials (only cow leather and export-quality goat leather, no synthetic materials are used) and a traditional manufacturing process (manual and in limited series) are the fundamental elements that have made them stand out since they began the business in 2003.

From that moment on, they grew quickly thanks to the distinctive nature of their approach and also to the boom in the demand for shoes, which the phenomenon of "youth tango" has generated during the past decade.

Without sacrificing the technical quality of the product, GRETAFLORA maximizes the aesthetic potential, guaranteeing comfortable shoes and happy feet all night long.

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GretaFlora Craftmanship

Running countercurrent to the culture of imitation and mass production in the shoe market, GRETAFLORA chooses to return to hand labor, reinterpreting motifs from past decades. Their expert craftspeople meticulously prepare each piece over a complex series of stages in which hand labor combines with the use of modern machinery, always with a careful eye on detail. The result of this marriage of traditional production style and today's technology is a shoe of exceptional quality.

The development and constant improvement of each model delivers the perfect balance of comfort and performance required for a shoe that is subject to the challenges of dance technique. The selection and combination of the leathers is a fundamental part of the creative process. Limited editions are produced, with an extensive mix of textures.

The company has its own accessory workshop, a distinctive feature of the brand: flowers, stones, crystals and chips are hand-made and applied to different parts of the shoe.

GRETAFLORA's mission is to always achieve the highest quality shoe in the market. When asked to define their trade, Greta and Florencia describe it as "shoe haute-couture".