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The Diva Boutique Difference

Unparalleled Quality & Selection

- With Attention to the Details

Diva Boutique offers quite possibly the largest and definitely the most inclusive collection of the famous Comme il Faut tango shoes outside of Buenos Aires. Comme il Faut is the ultimate in tango shoes, with their beautifully designed curves and dramatic combination. Divas can select from taco altos down to the ultra low 2” heel models. These shoes are shipped in color-coordinated Comme il Faut bags and tucked inside Diva Boutique’s beautiful four-color carrying bag that can accommodate two pairs of shoes and other essentials. You can even request a specific color CIF bag.  Alternately, you can request our new and improved Diva Boutique satin bag, available in several colors.

Redivine2smallalizing that many women wanted (or needed) something different, we began making our own lines to fit those needs. We created the Diva line for women who wanted lower heel shoes, more footbed padding, a more classic look, Divina line, incorporating customizable orthotic inserts, ultra wide shoes and shoes suitable for bunions.  The Sueños line to cater to the Tara girls. We also have our DB for Men line. All of our lines are made in the best small, family run factories in Buenos Aires and are painstakingly hand made, using only the finest leathers and the ultimate in padding. We are proud to carry many shoes made of hard-to-find exotic leathers.

Diva Boutique is home to the remaining Tara Shoes, adored by many. We still have many of these iconic shoes in inventory.

All of our women’s shoes are shipped in our beautiful shoulder tote with our full-color logo of the woman in flowers. Inside will be your new shoes in either a Comme il Faut bag (for CIF shoes) or one of Diva Boutique’s popular, newly redesigned satin shoe bags.

Customer Service
Diva Boutique has been selling tango shoes since 2003 and has gained a reputation for excellent customer service and knowledge of what makes a good dance shoe and why. We do not want to just sell you a pair of shoes. We want to make sure that you find the best pair of shoes for your needs. Either in person, on the phone or online.

Let’s face it. Buying shoes by mail can be difficult. Dancers are demanding of their dance shoes, rightfully so. High quality tango dance shoes are hand made, which complicates things even further. Each factory has it’s own idea of a size, and that can vary between models and heel height. And, of course, everyone’s feet are different and have different needs.

Many have thrown up their hands and given up. But you don’t have to. We have put together some unique programs to help you make good choices on what to order and give you some great purchase options.

Online Services
We have put sizing charts on the detail page of each shoe. On many of our models, there are multiple shots of shoes so you can see the shape of the shoe. We have lots of information in Sizing Help that will help you determine your foot type and show you how to measure your feet. With this information, we’ll show you how to choose styles that work well and adjust sizing based on your foot type.

We also have the Courtesy Fit Program* now available online. Details below.

Personal Consultation
Diva Boutique is available by phone, e-mail or Skype. Please check here. We are happy to help give advice, take personalized orders, check stock and answer any questions

Courtesy Fit Program*
divinesmallWith our Courtesy Fit Program, we can mail you a box full of shoes (normally up to 6 pairs). You will be charged for the least expensive pair of shoes plus shipping. You get to try on all of the shoes in the privacy of your home (please stay on carpet, they MUST come back in new condition). Choose what you want, and return the rest. When we receive your return, we’ll check what you originally paid, what you kept and adjust your credit card accordingly. If nothing seems to work, please contact us. We’ll tell you about our super flexible options. To take advantage of this program, you can either contact us for a personal consultation, or you can complete your order online. At check-out, fill in all your information, add a comment of Courtesy Fit Program, submit your order, and we will manually process your order.  Shipping charges will be much less that calculated at check-out (actual shipping & insurance)

*Credit card on file required. Available to U.S. customers only, due to customs issues. All rights reserved.